The city landscape is constantly changing. People move in and out of neighbourhoods. Businesses open and close. A lot of older neighbourhoods are undergoing gentrification often losing the character that made them what they were. I wonder if this vacant store and the building behind it, already surrounded by high rises, will remain or will be turned into just more concrete towers. I prefer the black and white version of the photograph and include the colour for comparison.


  1. I like the sign and pole shadows – the stop sign adds to the comments. 🙂


  2. a bicycle riding by would look cool. 🙂


  3. The pensive shadow of the stop sign is an ominous forwarning!


  4. I like the b/w/ better too, in this case. I’m wondering if the gradual change to high rise buildings will bring about the kind of change that will negate the need for the bars on the windows (on the low building.


  5. There is the same issue here in the Charleston area and soon many of the wonderful features that attracted us and others to the area will be gone, replaced by the characterless buildings Anne mentions above.

    I prefer the B&W, also. It gives a grittier and lifeless feeling. The shadow of the stop sign and the lines created by all the buildings work together nicely.


  6. I like the B&W best too. I find it sad to see old forgotten buildings throughout the U.S., including houses. Once they thrived, and now they are lost. Oh, but the stories they could tell us. 🙂


  7. ‘Gentrification’ seems to have taken on a different meaning these days – unless middle-class tastes have altered! The character of our small university town has been rapidly changing as old houses have been broken down to make way for towering blocks of apartments specially suited to the student population: too small for young families and too expensive to rent on one’s own. These buildings tend to be characterless and pander only to the greed of the owners. It would be wonderful if some innovative business could take over the buildings you have photographed, renovate them ATTRACTIVELY and still be able to turn a profit. I like the train in the background!


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