On a drive one day, we stopped at a reserve that advertised a wild bird display. This peregrine falcon was waiting his turn and seemed to look in my direction so I took the shot. I’m not a great fan of these events but the birds were beautiful and if people take away an appreciation of them it can only help conservation efforts.

14 thoughts on “PEREGRINE FALCON

  1. That’s a beautiful shot, Belinda. I don’t like these wild bird shows either.


  2. It is events like these (which I also usually avoid) that bring awareness to nature which seems to allude many people. And events like these can add to the conservation of our waning species, just like the peregrine and brown pelican and great egret once suffered. With all that aside, I really like this photo a lot, Belinda. You and the peregrine had this bonding moment and it’s just lovely to witness.


  3. They are truly beautiful looking birds.


  4. Nice Belinda! I agree with you on your statement.


  5. As a nature lover and as a birder, it can be conflicting to decide if one should appreciate the bird show or not 🙂 . My person view is that their benefit probably outweigh their impact; the hope is that the people who see them get a better bond and appreciation for the magnificient birds and help in their conservation.

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  6. I wondered how you got to see a peregrine falcon. The Captain has seen them off the west coast of the Charlottes, but I wouldn’t have expected to see them in a populated area. I suppose it’s like a bird zoo? Reserve sounds better. I agree with you, if it helps people have an appreciation for the birds, then I suppose it’s worth it.


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