12 thoughts on “PIGEONS ROCK

  1. Nice to hear some respect for the feral pigeon (as they are called in the UK), a bird so widely scorned and at best ignored. It is, I think, as remarkable a bird in its own way as any other other, to the extent that I devoted a whole chapter to them in my last book.

    With your photograph, I really like the casual feel to the composition, with the bird off-centre and the rambling foliage. Looks great.


  2. This is beautiful in so many ways….well done, Belinda!


  3. That’s a lovely portrait of it! The foliage framing it is perfect. Good eye, Belinda!


  4. Its true that a lot of people, maybe worldwide, don’t really appreciate the Common or Town Pigeon, because in towns etc it is essentially feral, not a “true” wild bird. But I’m an ex-birder, and when I wrote about the birds of Kenya, it was certainly included. 🙂


  5. He looks fine with that rosy background to set of his slate grayish blue. Funny how that happens with photography – you go for one thing and come back with another. Never a dull moment.


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