Female Cardinal

I took this photo of a female cardinal the other day. Not being much of a winter photographer, it’s my first photo of the year. The winter is fading into spring so it’s easier to get out on the trails and see what’s what. I watched the bird as it flew around with it’s mate and managed to get a clear shot when it landed in the open. I would have preferred to have more space and less tree to the right of the frame but I took the bird where I could, so I guess I can live with the tree.

19 thoughts on “FEMALE CARDINAL

  1. Lovely shot of this small bird, you do have an eye for photography and it shows in your blog images. I would spend considerable time browsing this blog to comment on more of the pictures, but at moment my free time is limited. I’ve hit follow so I can see new images. Thank you for visiting my resurrected blog.


  2. What a beautiful photograph! I really like the lack of color in everything except the cardinal. It really emphasizes how bleak winter can be. Thank goodness we have the beauty of a few birds to brighten our days!


  3. How lovely and very well captured! I don’t mind the tree and branches at all. It’s in its natural habitat and I like seeing their environment too. I wish we had Cardinals here. I have to go much further east and out of state to see them.

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  4. Its a lovely photograph.Perfect


  5. You captured her well, very nice.


  6. I do not know if the Colour of your bird has been altered, but it is a pretty. I can see why you love what you are doing…


  7. Super shot, looks very wintry yet no sign of snow:)


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