Meadow Vole - Nov 15

As we were finishing our walk one day last fall, we saw someone we knew and stopped to chat.  There were quite a few ducks on the lake that day but other than that we hadn’t seen much.  As we turned around to leave I spotted this meadow vole.  Catching sight of this little creature was an unexpected treat.  Given the dull quality of the light I made some shadow and contrast adjustments and used spot removal to clean up the water a bit using Lightroom.

22 thoughts on “MEADOW VOLE

  1. Amazing! Love your work.


  2. Ver cute image. I love Lightroom! So much quicker and easier than fiddling with layers in PS. I saw a meadow vole tunneling through the snow once and put my boot down in front of his tunnel. He stopped, poked his head out, assessed the situation, and calmly jumped over my boot and kept tunneling. No camera sadly, not even a smart phone on me.


  3. Terrific photo of this little critter. What a cute one he is. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Lovely photo and creature…in its preferred element

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  5. They are cute, but they can sure lay waste to a garden over winter!


  6. Wait a sec…..did you see Victor’s photo of these? Or were you taking photos at the same time?


  7. Oh boy, we had these little fellas tear up our yard many years ago. BUT, darn it, your capture is adorable and what a treat! 🙂


  8. He looks so soft. What a treat indeed! I’ve never seen one sit still long enough to capture an image.


  9. My brother in SC was just talking about voles attacking his vegetable garden. Never saw one before. Nice photo!


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