Duck in the Reeds

I have featured mallards several times before and they will continue to show up on my blog. I have a soft spot for these ducks. I like to watch their behaviour and they rarely disappoint! While the light looks even, the photo was taken with the sun directly overhead (shadow under the beak) and in this case illuminates the bird quite nicely.

24 thoughts on “DUCK IN THE REEDS

  1. I too have a soft spot for Mallards. I used to have a white duck (a call duck maybe?) as a pet, rescued as an abandoned duckling; what a character – I still miss her 😦

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  2. Great shot! I have a soft spot for the Mallards too, my 4 yr old grandson asks every time he comes to spend time with us if we can go feed the ducks. The Mallards are so docile and love the attention and feed! And I get great photo ops of him and them together! 🙂


  3. I have a soft spot for mallards as well. What a gorgeous shot! The light worked out perfectly. I think he liked you taking his picture. 🙂


  4. Too right … we tend to overlook them, or at least I do looking for more exotic birds. They can be just as interesting and challenging to photograph as any bird and they are usually always available and ready for a portrait.


  5. I feel like I’m being spied on through the reeds. Your capture adds a little intrigue to the shot. Nice!


  6. Super photo in the reeds. I like the mallards too. They thoroughly enjoy waterplay.


  7. They rarely disappoint is correct. I love watching them too.


  8. We have a couple nesting by the river behind our house – can’t wait to see the fuzzy babies!


  9. Well, I think your photos are great!! You are teasing me with those ducks💐😄


  10. There can never be enough good Mallard photos. I have one on my office I photographed almost 40 years ago, and another from recently 😄 , very nice.


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