Last April we spotted this flicker at the entrance to its nest. Over a period of several weeks we saw the bird return to feed its young. Spring is a great time in a reserve, there’s always something to see and photograph! Returning to the same places often enough, you become very familiar with the terrain and with the activity of its inhabitants. Since the weather has improved and we’re out with our cameras again we’ve noticed some nest building underway. Later in the season I hope to feature some shots of this year’s new arrivals.

12 thoughts on “NORTHERN FLICKER

  1. Although I live in the middle of a fairly large city my neighborhood is perched above a mid-sized arboretum and we’re lucky to see Flickers passing through our yards on a regular basis. They really know how to make an entrance when they come swooping in. It always seems like they know exactly what they’re looking for on the ground and then they’re gone as fast as they arrived.

    It’s a good thing you’re familiar with the terrain, here. Because this Flicker sure blends in with its tree! Nice image.


  2. Yes they are beautiful, one of my favorite. I don’t think I’ve ever seen juvenile Flickers. Great shot.


  3. We have these too. What a great pose he gave for you!


  4. What a beauty! I’m looking forward to this year’s arrivals.


  5. Thanks for sharing. I see them occasionally here in Sacramento. Love them. They are beautiful birds.


  6. They’re beautiful birds.

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