Red Squirrel-1

This little squirrel was aware of my presence but he wasn’t going to abandon his snack and run away. I guess he hoped that if he stood very still I wouldn’t notice him. Not a chance of that as the lighting was perfect and he stood out so sharply against the green of the grass. I took a couple of shots and left him to his snack.

33 thoughts on “RED SQUIRREL

  1. Great Post! very interesting!


  2. How lovely what a cutie

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  3. I love squirrels they have so much personality. Great picture.

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  4. Great shot! Adorable squirrel :-).

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  5. Oh he looks lovely 🙂

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  6. They are feisty little devils, cute as a button. Sweet capture.
    We have a family visiting the bird feeder and they are just so fearless. I came within five feet of one of the youngsters and he just stared at me and ‘threatened’ me by drumming his back feet. I had to laugh at his audacity.

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  7. Oh, oh, just another great and cute animalpicture. Couldn’t be any better

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  8. this is a red angel pretending to be brown or anything except red and still is a charmer

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  9. Cute. ..Nicely Portrayed

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  10. Great Photography……………. ❤

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