This little fly made me think of “Droopy”, the classic cartoon character created by Tex Avery. He was an endearing character that the hover fly reminds me of. The insect is tiny and the leaf it’s resting on gives an idea of scale. The photo was taken with my 105mm lens and flash but I should have moved closer to the fly to get even more detail. I liked the composition though and I believe this photo is as much about the flower as the insect. Next year once spring arrives, I am determined to get closer to my winged subjects as often you only get one chance at a shot.

26 thoughts on “FLOWER AND THE HOVER FLY

  1. I love hoverflies (a gardener’s friend) and it is so nice to see this summery photo!


  2. You must have a strong back to hover over these insects as you do! Beautiful capture.


  3. I love the clarity in this image!


  4. Admire your nature photography


  5. Lovely shot. As interesting as the fly is I like the flower even more with that composition.


  6. What a big head for such a small bug!


  7. Thrill of the hunt:) I intend to try out a new macro lense come spring and join the hunt.

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  8. I agree that “this photo is as much about the flower as the insect” for the flower gives the whole image a context. What flower is this? The colour is wrong, but in structure it looks very similar to our indigenous Leonatis leonuris, commonly known as wild dagga or lion’s tail.

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  9. You have captured such lovely detail and colour, and you don’t always have to get close to get such a lovely shot. This does indeed give a sense of scale and the miracle and beauty of nature.

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