I had driven by this old gated lot many times before but hadn’t paid it much attention. We were returning from a neighbourhood street festival one day and walked by on our way home. I was struck by these wildflowers pushing through the gate and stopped to take a photograph. I wanted the attention of the viewer to focus on the centre of the photograph. To do this I used an adjustment layer in Photoshop to lower the brightness of the stone, and then again for the entire photo. Finally I painted back some brightness in the flower and lock to make them stand out from the background.

23 thoughts on “UNGUARDED

  1. Gates, fences, doors, windows, chimneys: all excellent themes for photographic and poetic compositions.

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  2. Love this, Belinda. That locked gate makes me curious, and I was interested to read how you processed it to make the flowers stand out. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This image makes you wonder what else lies beyond those locked gates. Very imaginitive shot!


  4. What an expressive shot!


  5. A bold and hopeful message — much appreciated, Belinda.


  6. Very nice concept and “Unguarded” is the perfect description.


  7. One of those pictures that tells a story. 🙂


  8. The one flower looks as if it is thinking of trying to escape.


  9. The flowers certainly brighten up the gray.


  10. You have certainly achieved your purpose. This picture would make a good prompt for a story: such a long chain; it appears to have been locked from the outside – as someone left?; has not been used for a long time (why?) since the flowers now fill the entrance …


  11. Yes, my attention falls firmly on the image’s centre, on that central flower to be exact, and the padlock on the gate almost looks as if its pointing down at the bloom, which enhances the effect. Very good to hear your objectives, thinking and processing methods here, too, although I don’t use Photoshop. A


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