This was taken less than a month ago when the trees were in full autumn colour and the water was open. Nearing the end of November, it’s decidedly colder and wetter. It hasn’t decided whether to snow or pelt us with freezing rain today. We saw some Canada Geese heading south yesterday but there are still some around. Some of the mallards and American Black Ducks tough it out all winter long. We’ll be checking up on them as soon as we get a break in the weather.

19 thoughts on “CONTENTED DUCKS

  1. What a beautiful trio surrounded by all those wonderful autumnal colours!


  2. After reading this, and seeing the post, I realize Black Ducks are not here. Nice photograph and use of the light.

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  3. Very nice, Belinda! The colors of the leaves set off the ducks perfectly.


  4. This photo really got me! Love it.


  5. The reflections have such a beautiful mix of colours. The ducks look darker against the light leaf reflections. If the water had been darker (without the fall colours), the ducks would not stand out as beautifully as they do here.


  6. Really excellent shot Belinda! It’s like the ducks are swimming in a Van Gogh painting!

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  7. Beautiful colours on the water. It’s turning cold here in the UK too, although many of our beeches are still showing colour. Our summer birds are long gone and the winter migrants are starting to arrive from Scandinavia. Love this season of change in nature.


  8. Beautiful reflections in the water

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