We stopped by a reserve today hoping for a few signs of Spring. This is what it looks like in my corner of the world! This Canada Goose must have been wondering what was going on… The ice is beginning to recede on the lake but we need some +C temperatures to help things along. No snow drops or wild violets yet but we did see a few wood ducks in the open water and a pileated woodpecker starting a nest, sure signs of spring!

22 thoughts on “SPRINGTIME

  1. He seems to be taking it in stride. 😉

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  2. Lovely, Belinda! Spring is certainly on it’s way there! It seems to have slipped back here though.


  3. Love the Canadian Goose!


  4. A nesting pileated is very exciting, but spring is still a ways off in your corner of the world. I look forward to watching the signs of spring coming forward in your future photos, Belinda.


  5. With luck it will be gone soon.


  6. Oh my… I remember that nasty ice stuff …..

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  7. Nice capture of the strut, Belinda. Won’t be long until you’re seeing all the wonders of spring.


  8. I am tempted to post a few photos of snow in Johannesburg from a few years back ( yes we do get that white fluffy stuff from time to time) … just to make you feel at ”home”.


  9. Poor goose. I bet his feet are cold. He looks kind of majestic even in this unusual setting.


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