Rock Dove is another name for this bird, that most of us call the common pigeon. You see them all over the city, but we were in the country, in the woods, which made their sighting more unusual. They were the only two pigeons around, so perhaps they were a breeding pair. I had the time to really look at them as they perched in this natural setting and found them attractive, not a quality I usually attribute to this breed. More dove than pigeon these two.

27 thoughts on “ROCK DOVES

  1. Even on growing up in NYC I always like these birds 😀


  2. I talk about the beauty and strength of pigeons in my book, trying to put a dent in the negative stereotype. When my oldest child was 1, we took him for a year to Portugal, where I studied for a year. We loved feeding the pigeons in the plazas. My little boy would hold seed in his hands, and the pigeons would land all over him. A happy memory.


  3. Here in rural Wales we have plenty of wood pigeons and collared doves but see few rock pigeons. I believe the city ones are descended from rock doves but are slightly different though I’ve forgotten in which way.

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  4. Nice Belinda! I really like them in this setting! They look like they belong here!


  5. Their iridescent colors are so beautiful!

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  6. They are actually very beautiful birds, aren’t they?


  7. Great pic! I used to have two, when i was a kid, as pets! We have parrots now. 🙂


  8. They don’t see eye to eye 🤔😃

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  9. Good photos Belinda, even city birds can be quite attractive..


  10. Ah, perspective. Pigeons abound in the rural countryside, they particularly love dairy farms, and especially those that grow their own corn. To me, the circling flocks over the silo and the row of Rock Doves perched on my barn roof spell home and country to me. More than one reader has commented about seeing these birds “in their natural setting”. I’m always a bit saddened (being a bird lover, especially) that their presence is ignored and tolerated at best, and often unwelcome in urban settings. Not that I am without empathy and understanding for the humans.
    A true dichotomy for me.
    We are, on balance, the invasive species in this scenario.

    Thanks for sharing some beautiful pix of these beautiful specimens.


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  11. What a surprise to see pigeons in the woods! I can almost like them in this environment. You’ve captured those gorgeous purple colors beautifully, Belinda!


  12. Lovely photo, Belinda. When I see them by the coast they do look most beautiful in their natural setting.


  13. It makes a delightful change to see such birds in a natural setting – adds to their attractiveness.


  14. I find the iridescence of their neck feathers fascinating.

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