14 thoughts on “IS IT OR ISN’T IT

  1. Agree with Yellowjacket suggestions. That’s where I’d start my image search… RH


  2. There is an app called Insect ID that is really good at making ID’s.


  3. Those are impressive antennae! I’m looking forward to seeing all the leafy greens soon – I forget how green it all becomes!


  4. I found this about yellow jackets, on Yellow jackets wasps feed their young liquefied insects, with caterpillars, flies and spiders comprising the largest food groups in the yellow jacket diet during most of the summer.

    And someplace else I read that they are “pollinators and scavengers,” so even if they are annoying to us in many ways, they do good things for us as well.


  5. wrong shape for a bee, more on the wasp side. im sure there is an app that could help. lol

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  6. I am always confused by them too. My guess would be wasp. You can post an ID request here…


  7. I think it’s a yellow jacket (wasp) but even so, they do their bit for pollination.


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