Pileated WoodpeckersEven though the tree looked like it had been picked pretty clean, this pileated woodpecker still found it worth investigating. Our largest woodpecker, the pileated is always a pleasure to see and hear, with it’s rattling, slightly maniacal call that announces its presence.


  1. Looks like peckers are on the prowl…er.. flight 😀

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  2. Great capture, Belinda! I love to watch these industrious birds.

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  3. Beautiful profile capture!

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  4. What a treat to see this beauty!

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  5. Great capture of this elusive bird, Belinda. One has taken a shine to one of our spruce trees, digging holes near the base, therefore I think the tree’s days are numbered. There seems to be lots more activity due to breeding season.

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  6. I never tire of seeing this magnificent woodpecker, America’s largest woodpecker. Great photos, Belinda.

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  7. That’s a beautiful photo!
    Like many cavity-nesting birds, Pileated WP’s frequently return to the same nest sight each year.
    The large excavations are for nesting.
    Most eating is accomplished without so much work, as bugs are often right below the bark of trees.



  8. Such an incredible bird, Belinda. Great shot!

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  9. Wonderful sighting of this woodpecker, and lovely light on its head!

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  10. No not much left of that tree! Nice shot Belinda.

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  11. I love seeing them. We have one or two around here. Very animated.

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  12. I have not seen so many holes in a tree before. Does the woodpecker make them?

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