The Great Blue Heron in the first photo was taken at our local reserve. I saw the second bird at a city park close to the river. The heron at the reserve was looking for lunch, while the second heron had already found his; the unlucky frog in his beak.




  1. Very nice Belinda! Really like the B&W Heron!

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  2. Nice warm weather captures – can’t wait until they come north again, setting up their rookeries!

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  3. Beautiful shots, Belinda! They remind me of our Grey Herons here.

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  4. These are just gorgeous, Belinda. I love the whole setting of the first one with the reflections in the water which in the case of the colour picture are more effective (I think) than the b/w, and of course his plumage, is more dramatic in the first pic. But the other heron (in the middle pic) shows a lot of detail. As Ted pointed out, the second one is “almost” adult, and you can tell not only from the colouring but by his feathers not being fully developed. And what luck (or should I say skill?) to catch him with his dinner in his mouth.

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  5. Especially love the first shot in color, Belinda, awesome composition!


  6. Both nice captures, Belinda. I do like how the first one in your reserve shows off the surroundings and artsy reflections in the water. Cool capture with the frog, too!

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  7. Of course I liked these 😂😂. I especially like the clear difference between the first and second bird. One older, full adult, the second an ‘almost’ adult. Never get enough Heron shots 😀

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  8. Both are interesting photographs – action (the frog in beak) is always a bonus, yet I find the reflections in the first photograph rather appealing.

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  9. The first pic has autumn colours and the second one has terrific timing! 😀

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