Butterfly and Bee

My eye was on the tortoiseshell butterfly, I didn’t see the bee at first. This was the first and only time I’ve seen this kind of butterfly. It’s interesting to see more than one insect on a plant at once, a bit of drama at play. In the end the butterfly blinked first and moved on.

30 thoughts on “BUTTERFLY AND BEE

  1. I have seen the astonishing Milbert’s tortoieshell twice in my life, but never the Compton’s tortoiseshell. Each encounter is breathtaking.

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  2. It’s not unusual in Austin to see more than one kind of insect on a bunch of flowers. Sometimes an insect of one kind will chase away an insect of a different (or even the same) kind, but often they coexist.

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  3. Doubles are special. I’ve had my share of bonus bugs, when I didn’t notice a second one until I was developing the photo, but it’s even better when they cooperate during the original session. They make for a pretty pair!

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  4. Lovely shot, Belinda! A handsome butterfly, one I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

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  5. What a pretty butterfly! We have the small tortoiseshell Aglais urticae here in the UK but I see the Canadian one is the fire-rim tortoiseshell Aglais milberti. I don’t think I’ve come across it on my travels. Nice capture with the bee!

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  6. Great and unusual find, Belinda — and what a bright and summery photo. I, too, have never seen this kind of butterfly. The world of butterflies and bees is, fortunately, so vast. Wonderful post.

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  7. Great showing all the detail

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  8. How lucky to get two for one, Belinda. The butterfly is stunning!

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  9. Both are beautiful! I’ve seen a Tortoiseshell Butterfly but it looks different than this one so this one would be a lifer for me. How exciting for you to see this one!

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  10. Nice Belinda! That’s a cool looking butterfly!

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  11. What a beautiful combination and composition, Belinda!

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  12. The lighting in this photograph is beautiful – I love the way it highlights the pattern of the wings as well as the blossom. Of course the bonus bee fills out the picture very well.

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