25 thoughts on “A WALK IN THE PARK

  1. That looks like it would’ve been quite a workout!


  2. It’s been several long years since I’ve had the opportunity to walk in snow like that, and I readily admit to missing it (occasionally).


  3. Cardio indeed! I opt for shoeshoes to lessen the impact – kind of wimpy, but at least I’m out there! 😉
    Nice, inviting trail– the shadows and snow-lined branches make B&W a good choice.


  4. It is wonderful to see the woods and the fresh fluffy snowfall you have, Belinda. It looks like it would’ve been an invigorating adventure.


  5. I love those long shadows! Were you snowshoeing? It reminds me of a lake near me that I was snowshoeing around recently for the same reason as you…to stretch my legs and get outside!


  6. break out the cross country skies!!

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  7. That looks magical to me!


  8. It does look cold but at the same time, very inviting! I can hear the crunch underfoot! Beautiful shot, Belinda!


  9. Last year, we moved from Central Ontario to Southern Ontario. There is very little snow here in comparison to what we have been used to. I watched one of the Dragon Tattoo movies recently and for the first time I felt homesick. The scenery was all rocks and trees and snow, beautiful snow.


  10. inviting but bet it was cold!


  11. Snowshoes or boots alone, walking in deep snow is very cardio. A path does make it easier. Wish we had snow like that here. 🙂


  12. Is this today? Wow! We just had a terrible wind and rain storm. No snow here, but the blast of wetness was awful. This snow looks so calm and clean. Very pretty place for a walk.


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