31 thoughts on “CHICKADEE

  1. More like guidelines than actual rules. 😁 I like it and agree.


  2. Lovely just as you’ve captured it, Belinda!


  3. Lovely composition, make your own rules 🙂


  4. He looks contemplative. 🙂 It’s good to break away from the ‘rules’ – creative exploration is good!


  5. What rules? It looks like you are right on with the rule of thirds to me. It’s a lovely image.


  6. The photo works very well! 🙂


  7. The bird strikes a nice pose for you, Belinda, so cute! ❤️


  8. I agree, there are no rules! I like the framing here too!!


  9. The composition works well. I am studying color on f6Elite. In his critique sessions he recently pointed out that large areas of white pull the eye from the subject. You might consider darkening the background in Photoshop to make this lovely bird shine more. Just sharing a tip.


  10. I recently read an article on the rules, sometimes one has a far better result with neglecting the rules. And I fully agree, this is a very good capture.


  11. It works beautifully. My eye traveled up the branch to the main character, and I love the pose. It says something like humility, or regret, if I were to put a human value on it, but if I just interpreted it as “what is the bird doing,” it looks like he’s looking down at the ground and wondering who that is down there. Why – it’s Belinda, with her camera!


  12. Well, rules are made to be broken and you have achieved a fine composition here.


  13. There are no rules. Only some people’s ideas of guidelines. And if we all followed them, how boring it would be. I like this.

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