There’s always something that catches my eye when I’m out for a walk. I liked the windblown leaf pattern on the forest floor and the sapling pushing upward. It was nice to see the mushrooms too.


  1. Both have a lot of texture. I like the trunk with the mushrooms that break up the pattern and provide a surprise focal point.

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  2. Awesome mushroom composition and B&W process! I like the determination of the little sapling growing too.

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  3. A walk in the woods is always worth the effort, and the smooth mushrooms in the rough bark are a nice reward.

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  4. Loved the bark texture with the mushrooms… works so well in B&W!

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  5. Beautiful. The wonders of nature never stop to amaze our soul

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  6. Very nice Belinda! Enjoyed seeing them!

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  7. Nice captures, Belinda. I do like that mushroom capture with that gnarly bark surrounding them. It’s so interesting all the different places they appear.

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  8. I love the fungi on the bark.

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  9. Lovely photographs which evoke the delightful scent of the mulch underfoot, of the dankness of a forest, and of the myriad surprises in the form of bark, leaves, fungi and so on.

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  10. Both of these pictures would make great jigsaw puzzles.

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