15 thoughts on “HOVERFLY

  1. Great photo, Belinda — I love that unicorn look.


  2. I’m wondering if it is a leaf-cutter solitary bee? They cut circular pieces of leaf to plug the ends of their nests in cylindrical stalks.


  3. The antennae and the eyes have me wondering if it’s a wasp. I was checking on the internet for some differences between wasps and hover flies. Wasp eyes are kidney shaped, hover fly eyes are round. Wasps have antennae. Hover fly antennae, if they have them at all, are quite short. This insect you’ve photographed seems to have a slight indentation at the waist which hover flies don’t have. Then there is the problem of two wings or four. But as Brian (above) has commented, a second pair could be hidden when they are laid back like this. I would tend to go with the wasp I.D. but I’m not at all sure. One thing I do know is that because of your photo, I have learned about a hover fly. I knew nothing about them before.


  4. What a marvellous photograph, Belinda!


  5. Obviously I’m not familiar with Canadian species but two things don’t seem quite right for a mimic hoverfly. Firstly the antenna seem way too long and secondly the eyes are more like a wasp and don’t appear multi-faceted. However if there is only one pair of wings it’s a hoverfly but the second pair can be hidden when laid along the body like this. Interesting one Belinda, be nice if there is an expert on North American insects who can name it.


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