As we turned the corner I saw these two and thought they looked pretty lifelike for lawn ornaments. When one duck moved its head I almost jumped. I’ve never seen a Pekin Duck before and never downtown. We stopped by to visit a few times over several days, more photos to come…

24 thoughts on “SECOND LOOK

  1. Good alignment of your subjects.


  2. LOL! They look like the pair my daughter has at her place. They are entertaining!


  3. How fun, and with their own wading pool!


  4. Just yesterday I saw a bumblebee lying dead on a flower but in short while it flew away. Such are surprises.


  5. So marvelous photo 🌹👌🙏🌹


  6. Funny how we can be surprised by things out of context.
    I love ducks, and would have them if not for the numerous predators around here. I doubt they’d last a year. My neighbor finally gave up having chickens.


  7. Very funny, and it happens so often 😃😂.


  8. I’ve had that same thing happen once when a neighbour had a heron beside his pond. I watched it for quite a while and just when I was convinced it was a lawn ornament, it blinked. I guess it was fishing at their goldfish pond.


  9. I remember, many years ago, going into a pet shop with my two young kids. On the floor was what we took to be a stuffed Eagle Owl but, as we walked past, it slowly turned its head to look at us – and my kids nearly jumped out of their skins! 🙂


  10. I look forward to seeing more of them 🙂 This reminds me of walking past a neighbour’s garden a few months back when my companion stopped in surprise at the African Green Pigeon perched on the edge of a ground level bird bath – a most unusual sight. After much deliberation my companion – who was convinced the bird moved – conceded that it was indeed an ornament. Confirmed when it was in the same position the following day 🙂


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