16 thoughts on “GARDEN VARIETY

  1. They are arriving by the hundreds every day here around the Chesapeake Bay, Belinda! Honking up a storm, I love it!


  2. They are very much a part of our autumn, signaling the change in seasons. While their return in spring is noted, and appreciated, it doesn’t have the poignancy of fall.
    I’ve learned they are the most numerous goose on the planet. That’s a lotta birds!


  3. Funny thing about Canadas; we don’t want them to decline and yet when there are too many they become a nuisance. But it’s wonderful to see them in flight or flocks of them grazing in a field.


  4. Canadian Geese fly over my home down here in the desert, a place you wouldn’t think to find them. They like the man-made lakes and parks with water nearby. 🇨🇦❤️


  5. I think Canada Geese are great, pleasant beings to have on our earth. This is a wonderful photo, Belinda, I like the sky colors in the water.


  6. Just five minutes ago your locals fly tree top level over me. Loud, messy, and so great to listen to.

    Of course the pond here will need attention at some point 😳


  7. We get flocks of them wintering here in the Northern Ireland. Love to see our winter visitors has the coasts can be quiet after the summer migration.


  8. They look attractive nonetheless. Their loudness, messiness and apparently brash behaviour remind me of our Egyptian Geese – also pretty yet regarded as a real nuisance in some areas.


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