Great Blue Heron

This is my first blog post.  I picked up a camera several years back as I thought it would add to my enjoyment of exploring the trails and green spaces that exist outside my front door.  It has done that and so much more.  Looking at the natural world through the lens of a camera gives me a new appreciation of light, context, detail and the story of the creatures I photograph.  I do my editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Photography has meant learning new skills, all part of the journey.  I hope to see you along the way.

About the photo: the Great Blue Heron arrives in Ottawa as soon as the ice melts and usually remains until the ice returns. These birds were not seen in large numbers this year so when I caught sight of this heron I was pretty pleased. I was able to take a lot of shots as the bird was focussed on finding a meal. The conditions were ideal.  I stood on a small bridge close by which put me at eye level with the heron wading in the rushes.  The bird, the warm sunshine … I couldn’t ask for much more.

28 thoughts on “SINGLE-MINDED HERON

  1. Lovely shot. We get Grey Heron’s here (UK), sometimes I think they just want to pose for a photo.
    Keep going with the photography and blog 🙂


  2. Omgosh! What a great photo!!!


  3. Hi Belinda, thanks for visiting my site, I love your heron photo, rob


  4. Belinda, great shot of the Heron! They are a favourite of mine. Welcome to Blog land. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  5. Beautiful shot! We have a great heron come to the same pond that I shot Mister and Missus goose. Nice work, Belinda!!!


  6. I love heron’s. Nicely done


  7. Awesome photo. Happy blogging.


  8. That is too true…nothing concentrates so intently as a heron surveying some shallow water for a nice fish. Nice first post….wonderfully detailed picture.


  9. Cool photo…it look to be very concentrated on it’s potential dinner😉


  10. Hi belindagroverphotography, Outstanding photo of the beautiful Great Blue Heron. I often see these charming big wading birds here in various ponds and lakes. In fact, I spotted one this afternoon at a shopping center pond I often visit. Have a great day tomorrow!


  11. Great photo of a beautiful Heron! Very nice. 🙂


  12. Happy shooting…

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