Dancing Bee

I was happy to see that the bumblebees were plentiful in our area this year. I never cared much for insects or bugs and bees used to send me running in the opposite direction! However, since I became interested in photography and started observing their behaviour, I learned that when left undisturbed bees tend to ignore everything around them and just go about their business. I love the challenge of trying to photograph insects in flight, anticipating their movements. Taken at 200mm, at 1/640th of a second I managed to capture the bee in motion. I made contrast, shadow and exposure adjustments in Lightroom and sharpened and enhanced detail in Photoshop.

6 thoughts on “DANCING BEE

  1. Surely you must have an extensive background in the photographic arts from which to draw, Belinda? The collection of images you’ve shared on WordPress thus far is remarkable in their beauty. Clearly, you’re a skillful observer. Now that my boys are getting a little older, it has been fun teaching them about the patience (among other things) that’s required when we’re in the woods and they’re keeping their eyes and ears open for wildlife.

    This shot resonates with me tonight because a hole I’ve been slowly preparing over the past month in preparation for a special planting just became home to a ground nest of industrious bumblebees. A funny, but frustrating dilemma…..


    • Thank you! I find a camera enhances my enjoyment of nature as it requires me to slow down and become aware of the scene around me which makes it that more interesting. I’ve been at photography for several years now learning as I go. Thanks again for your comments!


  2. I have been interested in studying the behaviour of honey bees and have been reading quite a bit about them for the past couple of months. Your picture is amazing!!! Bees of all kinds are interesting creatures…


  3. Bees are lovely and an essential part of our lives. Nice photo!


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