Bee on flower

I’m always happy too see bumblebees in the fields and on the pathways I visit. I know their numbers are in decline but they seemed quite numerous last summer. In the past I tended to steer clear of bees but it’s been my experience that left undisturbed, they aren’t particularly aggressive. I think the colours of the flower set off the bee quite nicely.

41 thoughts on “BUMBLEBEE

  1. I agree – a fantastic photo ! Did you shoot this with a macro lens?


  2. It’s a real good photograph! The contrasts created by the various colours enhance the fuzzy bee beautifully 🙂


  3. Such clarity! Great photo, Belinda. Bees are not aggressive at all, they are happy to mind their business as long as they aren’t disturbed. A bee dies if it stings, as its barbed stinger lodges in the victim and then tears off its body. Ugh.
    Hornets are the only ones that you have to watch out for, always ornery and can sting multiple times! Wasps are only aggressive when they are guarding nests in late summer.


  4. Wow! This is so clear that I feel I might get stung. ;). Really lovely.


  5. Very nice compliments to bring out the colors of the bee. I found. When I am weeding through plants that honeybees are collecting their pollen from I move into the plant very slow with out any quick movements and those little bees continue collecting without showing any aggression.


  6. Beautiful sight, and well composed! I love seeing them too. Thankfully if I sit or stand in one spot making photos they go about their business ignoring me.


  7. Very nice composition. I love bees.


  8. Lovely photography……


  9. He looks really fuzzy. Nice clear photo. Lovely composition.


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