Blanding Turtle

On a sunny day last week we came upon these turtles basking in the sunshine. The Blanding’s turtle (the turtle with the yellow throat and domed shell) was sharing the log with the much more common painted turtles. Very often turtles will slip back into the water as you walk past. Happily this particular spot was far enough away that the turtles continued to soak up the rays as I took my shot. A note about the Blanding’s turtle – it’s a threatened species in Canada. Wildlife experts are working with landowners, conservation groups and local authorities to protect their habitat.

20 thoughts on “BLANDING’S TURTLE

  1. I stumbled upon your picture using Google Image. Lovely shot of the Blanding’s among the painted! Love it!
    For anyone who likes turtles, especially the Blanding’s Turtle, there’s a competition right now to get funds from the Aviva Community Fund, and I’m hoping to get votes for Blanding’s Turtle protection project: (only in French but you can still vote). It’s completely free to register and it takes less than 5 min. I invite you to vote and share if you have the time. Thanks and cheers 🙂

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  2. I think turtles are fascinating. I only just learned about the Blanding’s. Did you report the sighting? Apparently, the conservation folk can help protect the area if it is reported.


  3. I love this picture!


  4. What a great shot… Its so perfect that you can clearly see the yellow underneath the throat! Its like he’s holding his head up for you to take the photo! or maybe just really enjoying that sun 🙂


  5. I love these peek into a turtle’s life! Lovely shot.


  6. Beautifully captured!


  7. Rare here in the U.S. too. Turtle search parties turn up just a few.

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  8. I’ve rarely seen turtles this big and the few times I have seen them it has been a big thrill. Nice photograph.


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