I usually crop closer to my subject but in this case the Black-capped chickadee was only one element of the photograph. I liked the way the branches framed the bird and the the leaves opposite it added balance to the shot. As I learn more about photography and look beyond the obvious subject in the frame, I see how the background and lighting and the play of colours can turn a photo into something you might look at just a bit longer.

20 thoughts on “ANOTHER TAKE

  1. Sweet – I like it, particularly the background colors.


  2. There is always a great temptation to crop tight so you can see the detail in the subject when sometimes it is better to not crop so you can appreciate the subject in its natural setting. The whole picture can sometimes be better than a part of it. This works well.


  3. I’m always drawn to chickadees … such clever and cheerful little birds. We enjoy their company here, along with the boreal chickadees. More secretive than their black and white cousins but once they get used to you they come regularly for water and dunks in the bird bath.


  4. Nice! And great prove that it doesn’t have to be a fancy red-blue-violet epic bird to get an appealing, story-telling shot. Congratulation.


  5. Agree Belinda, although I always find it hard to get the right balance between subject and context. Tis one works out really well!


  6. Really striking. I love how the line of the chickadee’s back is roughly parallel to the highest twig, and the line of the bill and throat patch is also parallel to the main branch. It’s quite a shot (and quite a little bird)!


  7. Great shot I love the balance of the bird, branch, and leaves. I love photographing the chickadees but they are so fast you have to really be quick to get a shot of them.I normally find them by their noises they make.


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