The lake had just frozen over and this female mallard was taking her first tentative steps on its surface. She was pretty surefooted and didn’t slip once as I watched her. There are at least thirty mallard pairs that remain at the reserve all winter and we normally see them on the river side of the reserve where some of the water remains ice free. This is the the first of two sets of photographs I took of this mallard which I’ll be featuring in the next week or so.
February 2 was Groundhog Day in Canada and the U.S. and it was reported that the “official” Canadian groundhogs did not see their shadows (yes we have two). The story goes that when this happens we’re in for an early spring. If this holds true, I’ll be featuring ducks in open water before too long!


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  1. A bird that’s resident here. I’m having a little trouble accessing your blog – when I go in from a WordPress email I arrive in your blog but am told that the photo(s) I want to look at can’t be found >>> but when I click onto the post in your Recent Posts list I see them fine. A


    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ll contact WordPress and have them look into it.

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    • Hi Adrian – I sent your comment to WordPress and they suggested the following if the problem still exists:

      “Hmm, it’s hard to determine what’s going on, I’m having no trouble accessing the post and its images. To troubleshoot further, we would need the follower to forward the email he/she received of the post, so we can see what link is being used to access the post.

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  2. Loved the way of your writing. Do stop by our site, hope you would like ours. Happy Weekend Dear 🙂

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  3. I feel sorry for the ducks when the water freezes. Good shots though.

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  4. Too cute! 🙂
    Once i inadvertently frightened some ducks along a lake shore and they then tried to land on the lake (which was frozen, mirror-perfect); it was rather humorous to see them spinning in circles before they regained their composure!

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  5. Well the American Groundhog should have talked to the Canadian Groundhogs..we’re supposed to have 6 more weeks of winter! LOL..of course here in Georgia, we haven’t even really had a winter!! Thanks for the beautiful pics!

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  6. Great shot! I really like the B&W!


  7. What is it about ducks that make such great photographs! Very nice.

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