I think this groundhog noticed me before I saw him. He was half in his burrow and kept a wary eye on me as I walked along. I see them quite often within the city limits, in open fields and in public gardens. Groundhogs dig deep burrows and one misplaced step can land you on their doorstep. I can well understand that farmers and gardeners consider them pests as they graze on vegetables and crops and can leave the ground weak where they tunnel. However, not being either, I rather like them. It all depends on your perspective I guess. They are also one of Canada’s true hibernators, fattening up in the fall and hibernating when the temperatures dip.

17 thoughts on “PERSPECTIVE

  1. Yes, its all a question of perspectives – as far as is humanly possible, I let wildlife do its thing, I don’t want to impose myself on it.

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  2. Way to go……..does this mean 6 more weeks of winter? 😎


  3. Cute… and the rocks he ejected took some work! 🙂


  4. Cute catch! As a gardener, however, I never want to see one in my yard!


  5. I admire these animals that seem to survive in spite of attempts to annihilate them. My son’s middle school class adopted an small orphan whose funny preoccupation was untying the students’ tennis shoes. Such personality!

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  6. One of my favorite critters ! So glad you caught this. And…it just occurred to me we don’t see any here in the low country. I’m sure they must be in western South Carolina, big farm country. Perhaps it’s because the water table is so low here. Swamps, marshes, and sea level probably don’t make for good tunnels. Thanks.


  7. I am glad to see what a Groundhog looks like. It seems to be similar to our dassie (rock hyrax).

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  8. Wonderful image caught of him by his burrow! I rather like them, too!


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