I wouldn’t have noticed this leopard frog if I hadn’t been looking in its general direction. Perhaps my footsteps startled him and he leapt for cover under the dandelion. These frogs are so well camouflaged that I wonder how many I may have overlooked so far this spring, this being my first sighting.

29 thoughts on “JUMP (TWO PHOTOGRAPHS)

  1. Lovely photos! I’m always worried about treading on our frogs… thankfully they don’t often go walking… er, hopping… on our lawn.


  2. He really is fascinating to look at! Great photos.

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  3. What a beauty – good sighting, Belinda!

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  4. Beautiful markings on the frog and I love the way the dandelion adds interest. We often think of dandelions as just weeds and don’t pay them much attention, but this one in your photo looks downright majestic!

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  5. Always a joy to come upon a camouflaged creature, as if it is your own shared secret. Thanks for sharing the secret with us, Belinda, fantastic!

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  6. Seriously camouflaged! 😎👍🏻

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  7. Great image with the frog tucked under the dandelion!

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  8. Wow! He is one fine looking frog! You had to have considered kissing him just to see what the Prince would look like!

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  9. A cute frog… waiting for the princess 🙂

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  10. Wow! The patterning and colour is amazing, Belinda! Wonderful photos!

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  11. Great shots, Belinda! 🙂 Not enough big insects out there, since he looks a little thin!

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  12. WHAT a fine looking frog!

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