GULLThe Ring-billed gull is the most common gull in North America and like many birds migrates south in the winter. I took this photograph in November. It was nice to see the bird in a natural setting as they often congregate in city parking lots. It perched on the log for quite a while where I could appreciate its good looks, something I had never really noticed before.

18 thoughts on “RING-BILLED GULL

  1. Nice work, Belinda! I really really like his profile and whiteness against the purplish blue water!


  2. Nice composition, Belinda! I, too, love to see the gulls out in the wild and this a lovely scene.


  3. Pretty as a picture. Oh! It is a picture…


  4. How nice of this gull to pose so you could see the ring on its bill!


  5. Very Nice Belinda! I like the way the Gull is looking to the right making you look to the right to see the whole image! Then you can imagine what the Gull is seeing!


  6. This is a beautiful picture, I like gulls very much, it seems to me gulls are more free than other birds. Must be a ridiculous thought, but that’s how it is..


  7. Such a tranquil scene, Belinda, wonderful photo. Gulls are not an easy species for identifying because they change a lot as they mature, and one species can have four or five completely different sets of markings. That’s why I like the ring-billed gull, because that ring on their bill is always there no matter what stage of life they are in — one of the easier gulls to identify.


  8. What an apt name for this gull.

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  9. This is a great rarity in the UK but – I’ve seen one!!! 🙂


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