Three trilliums for this cold day in May.  Last weekend the weather was warm and sunny, today we’re having snow showers. Despite the weather, the flowers know it’s there time.  I took these photos in May two years ago.  I imagine they’re about ready to bloom this year too.



  1. So pretty, especially the little worm inching its way to another petal! 😊


  2. Lovely, we only have the red ones here. I love the pink!


  3. I apologize, Belinda, but this post has appeared two more times since it first posted last night. May I ask, are you reposting the photos because they appear each time at the top of WordPress Reader as a new post. In any case, as long as I have followed your blog this has been an issue because all of your posts repost which, for some inexplicabe reason, makes my browser go whacky.


    • Hi David – I do repost. WP just got back to me with the info below if you’re interested. Seems like a bother though.

      “Happy to help. If David is seeing these issues inside their reader, it would be best to have David contact us directly from so you don’t need to be the middle person relaying these messages.

      If you would like to send along some tips to David though, I would recommend telling them to deactivate any browser extensions, make sure their browser is up to date, and also clear their browser’s cache. I can share our guide with you:
      In addition to the cache clearing recommendation I shared in the link above, that guide has several other helpful troubleshooting steps that David can try.

      Let us know if you have any follow-up questions 🙂

      Have a great day,

      Happiness Engineer @ | Automattic

      Get the Most from through our video tutorials .


      • Belinda, thank you for taking the time to investigate this further. By no means did I want to burden you with having to be the go-between. You can delete this thread if you choose, and I will communicate directly with WordPress. Their “solutions” are pretty standard. My browser updates automatically, the cache clears when I log out, and I have no extensions because they are vulnerable to hacking. Maybe I’ll use a different browser.


  4. These trilliums must be all over Canada, if you look in the right places. Lovely photos of them, Belinda. The caterpillar reminds me that this is the time of year I have to look out for nests of them in my fruit trees. (Maybe not that particular caterpillar, but certainly their cousins).


  5. I so love to come along trilliums, they’re such gentle and beautiful flowers. Your photos here capture their elegance, Belinda. I especially like the second one with the caterpillar inching from one petal to the next. Exquisite.


  6. The tulips in my front yard refused to open yesterday. It was simply too cold. I think they wanted to retreat right back into the ground to wait it out.


  7. Is snow usual at this time of the year? Even though it is autumn, we are enjoying a summery day – so warm that it is difficult to conceive of snow! These are very pretty flowers.


  8. A sure sign of spring and such a pretty pink! I hope your snow came and went—kind of mean to get that in May.


  9. Such beautiful blooms captured so perfectly!


  10. What a pretty flower. I would like to see this one in the wild but haven’t been in eastern Canada at the right time of year.


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