23 thoughts on “PLUS-ONE

  1. I really like the greenbottles. Fabulous photo!


  2. I’m another who loves when this happens! A pretty fly if a fly can be! 😉
    (And I say this one is, love its colors!!)


  3. Love little surprises like that!


  4. “She loves me, she loves me not…” 😉


  5. Apart from the fly, what I enjoy about this photograph is the imperfect daisy – all too often we focus on the ‘perfect’ ones! This is ‘real’ nature / nature uncut.


  6. Love those moments. 😊


  7. Nice Belinda! Usually I am photographing the flower with the insect and it flys off or turns away. Which is why I was photographing it!


  8. Sometimes you go out to try to find them. Sometimes they just come to you.


  9. What a gift! I got into birding and wildlife photography by way of Landscape photography. Some bird or animal would invariably photobomb me while framing a landscape shot. It frustrated me for a moment then I embraced it like I do sun flare and soon began carrying a telephoto lens to capture just the wildlife or bird.

    I’m so glad you’re embracing those moments too. This is a wonderful image, Belinda. I love all the different colors and iridescence of flies…I just can’t them on the whole though. They’re so gross!


  10. I know that feeling. I was once trying to get a photo of a bird at my feeder when a rabbit ran into the picture and sat down.
    Cool photo of the visiting fly. I hate flies, but this one has a very spectacular iridescent colour.


  11. True, and so boring if you could predict what’s gonna happen next.


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