It’s been a very hot dry summer. After just a bit of rain, a few mushrooms are starting to appear.  I spotted these two in deep shade.  Even at ISO 1000 my depth of field was a bit narrow. This rather ordinary subject is always challenging fun.



  1. Great

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  2. Great find and Title, Belinda! Amazing what pops up with a little moisture.

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  3. Lovely detailed image, and works well in B&W, too!

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  4. Nice Belinda! Mushrooms are interesting photo subjects!


  5. Mushrooms in all their forms retain a fascination for me – they grow so low on the ground that I occasionally require assistance rising from admiring them!

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  6. I love mushroom photos! Both are beautiful

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  7. Ah dang, not one fairy to be seen. 😀 These are lovely! Still, the like button won’t load. Must be something on my end, but I have no idea how to fix it.

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  8. Nice phots, Belinda! I miss the rain… Your Like button has stopped appearing for me, wasn’t there my last visit. I shut off my ad- blocker, no difference. Hmmm ?

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  9. Interesting how the b/w always makes us look at the patterns more than we do in the colour photos. Nature sure has a lot of beauty, and you capture it well.

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  10. An umbrella for the forest fairies! 😉 I like both processes, Belinda!

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  11. Mmmmm, I can smell the lovely loam.

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