I usually see chickadees out in the open flitting from branch to branch. I caught this bird in a quiet moment well off the path in challenging light. I liked the photo but hesitated before posting it because of the flare at the bottom of the image. Still worth featuring though.

On another note, a few of you let me know that you were unable to see the image that accompanied my last post. Mike Bizeau of had the same problem and suggested I set my image as a featured image. Like Mike, this has altered the appearance of my website (a change I don’t like) but until this glitch has been fixed I will continue to post in this way and hope you will all see my images.


13 thoughts on “CHICKADEE

  1. I am a fierce opponent of the block editor in all its forms. I change it to classic mode but woebetide if you click in the wrong place! I feel like I’m fighting a wrestling match when I write posts now. I should say, I tried clicking on the title of your most recent post (Late Fall 3) and it’s going to a page not found.

    Cute chickadee anyhow.


  2. I have not had an issue with seeing your images. The Block Editor is a no-no for me so I am sticking to the Classic Editor for as long as I can. That said, I think this photograph is delightful.


  3. I really like your photo of the contemplative chickadee. Belinda. The Block Editor is not my favorite either.


  4. I haven’t had any problem seeing your images. Too bad that these things happen. I agree that the image as a feature (header) is not as clear as your usual photos, but maybe you meant for it to have a soften-edges look. I’m not sure. The chickadees are some of the most darling birds we have around here. They’re so friendly and always seem to be happy.