27 thoughts on “BEECAUSE

  1. I can see your new image of the bee with the pollen saddlebags just fine, and it’s a beauty.


  2. I like your clever title and composition … just beecause!


  3. I really like the delicate lighting, Belinda. Very nice!

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  4. Wow, that little guy is carrying a heavy load of pollen! I much prefer bees and sunflowers to snow showers! I can’t believe we’re already looking at snow forecasts. What? Where did the warm weather go?

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  5. A warm and wonderful photo, Belinda. And I liked your title.

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  6. Yellow flowers bring so much cheer to my soul. Add a bee and it’s perfection! Stay warm! It’s been chilly here too but no snow thankfully! We’re supposed to warm up tomorrow. I hope your area does too.

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  7. Stay warm, Belinda. The weather in our southeast region is nuts right now, so glad I’m not down there.

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  8. HI Belinda, no image for me in both reader and when I click on your post. If I follow all the way to your website it is there. I have been having the same problem over the past few weeks and have yet to get an answer why. I am using new editor and only solution I found, purely by luck, was to set my daily image as a featured image. However this is not how I want the website to look. Let me know if you find out anything and I will do the same.

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  9. Just wanted to let you know the image does not show in Reader, on a PC

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  10. Oh gosh – snow already!

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  11. I cannot see an image here, Belinda?

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  12. Let’s hope it’s a mild winter and we are soon back to these summer scenes for real.

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