25 thoughts on “GREAT EGRET

  1. I like how the main limbs echo the curves of the egret’s neck! Nice composition!

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  2. One bird I wish we had around here… it’s a beauty. We have to be content with the occasional Great Blue Heron. 😉

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  3. I do like this one. I’m always impressed when a photographer gets the details of these white birds.

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  4. I’ve always felt that egrets were the angels of the bird family. They look so pure and graceful.

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  5. A stunning bird, Belinda!

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  6. Wonderful photo of this egret moment, Belinda.

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  7. Nice Belinda! Enjoyed seeing your image!

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  8. Lovely Great Egret, they are such elegant birds!

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  9. It’s fascinating to see how agile and precise the long-necked birds can be when they put their minds to these delicate tasks.

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  10. What a delightful photograph! I love pictures that show the subject ‘doing’ something. This one looks very elegant whilst preening.

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