24 thoughts on “CALM (TWO PHOTOGRAPHS)

  1. They do look like they are enjoying this tranquil little spot, Belinda!

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  2. Cute couple and nice composition!

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  3. A lovely, tranquil moment … I appreciate the pause!


  4. Perfect shot!! I was looking at the photo and imagining what could be the ducks discussing? Maybe ‘Let’s act cool, as if we don’t know, for a candid shot!’ ๐Ÿ˜…


  5. Nice Belinda! Enjoyed seeing the images in color & B&W!


  6. Such a serene scene….Love it!


  7. Love the water ripple circle, very nice, Belinda. Works in both color and B&W process, I cannot pick which I like better!


  8. Thanks for sharing this perfect moment with us, Belinda. Your photo captures the moment beautifully.


  9. Like these but prefer the colour version as the green of the grasses seem to enhance the green on the head of the male mallard


  10. The circle of ripples with the ducks in the center is as if it is showcasing them. Beautiful colours reflected. In this case I like the colour photo better. Quite often the b/w shows up patterns better, but in this case, the colours of the reflected trees and the colour of the bottom of the shallow water are a big part of the charm. And of course the ducks look like they are in prime plumage.


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