I remember making flowers out of tissue paper when I was a young. Carefully separating and fanning the layers and securing them with a bobby pin. These tissue-like poppies reminded me of those flowers, particularly the slightly windblown ones to the right of the frame 😏

26 thoughts on “POPPIES PAST

  1. Gorgeous colours! I can’t wait for my poppies to bloom!


  2. I’m in the camp of remembering that craft, too—what a fun memory 😃.

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  3. What a great comparison! I love poppies but I never thought about how much they look like tissue paper flowers, Belinda. Lovely!

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  4. Poppies pass fast. Great that you captured at their moment.

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  5. YES! I did that too, and you’re so right. These poppies have the same look as those tissue paper flowers.

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  6. Poppies always remind me of the Wizard Of Oz movie where Dorothy is running through a big field of poppies… ❤️


  7. Aren’t they lovely! Your memory zapped me back to second-grade! 😉

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  8. These are so nice. I love poppies.

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  9. What a pretty sight!

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  10. Yes, they very much do look like the ones I made from tissue paper when I was a child. I had forgotten about that – thanks for reviving a pleasant memory.

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