22 thoughts on “METALLIC BEE

  1. Very nice! Love the deep colors.


  2. Nice. Ever once in awhile, I see an insect never before seen 🙂


  3. Haven’t seen any in a while here either. It was good while it lasted. They are gorgeous creatures. Nice side view, Belinda.

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  4. What a beautiful colour of green.

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  5. Gorgeous shot!


  6. We’ve seen a few more bees this year than last, but they apparently have been very busy bees because we haven’t seen any “posing” as nicely as this one!


  7. Nice capture, Belinda. I love seeing solitary bees. Same here, haven’t seen them in a while. I guess once they lay their eggs for next year, they are done.


  8. Beautiful capture, Belinda.

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  9. I have a couple of shots of these bees but, like you, haven’t seen one in an age.
    As the summer begins I hope we’ll have a few visitors this year.

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